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Tourism Kamloops Blog Writing

  • Client Tourism Kamloops
  • Date 2023
  • Lead Beth

As contract marketing managers for Tourism Kamloops, we undertook a multifaceted project to showcase the distinct attractions of Kamloops, BC, to a national and international audience. Our responsibilities encompassed project management and content creation, focusing on highlighting the city's unique appeal to travellers.

The cornerstone of our year-long tenure was managing and revitalizing the Tourism Kamloops blog. We developed a comprehensive content calendar, planning a year's compelling content. Our efforts produced over 25 detailed blog posts, each exceeding 2000 words. These posts were enriched with engaging photographs, interesting facts, and additional multimedia elements like custom playlists, ensuring an immersive and interactive reading experience.

Key topics covered in the blog ranged from spotlighting local events like the 2023 Kamloops Film Festival to seasonal guides such as "Things To Do In Kamloops In Fall," and informative pieces like "Get Ready for the Memorial Cup in Kamloops: Everything You Need to Know." Each post was meticulously crafted with SEO optimization in mind, significantly increasing the visibility of Tourism Kamloops' website and effectively drawing millions of viewers to the site. These viewers were not just passive readers; they were engaged and inspired to explore and experience the vibrant city of Kamloops for themselves.

This project was more than a marketing initiative; it was a strategic and creative endeavour to weave the narrative of Kamloops into an inviting tapestry of experiences. This initiative successfully positioned Tourism Kamloops as a captivating and must-visit destination through targeted storytelling and a commitment to quality content.

To read the blog posts we created for Tourism Kamloops visit their website!

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