Social Media, Marketing & Business Support for Local Okanagan Small Businesses

We help small businesses across the interior of BC use digital media to share their stories, get more customers, and create communities around their brands. Your very own #businessbesties!


Social Media, Marketing & Business Support for Okanagan Small Businesses

Sharing your small business story and building your online community of customers is our passion. Our team of professionals works with you to find the best solution that fits your needs—even if you don’t know where that is.⁠⁠ 

Every business owner needs something different—and we want to meet you wherever you are right now. #hotmessexpress or #thrivingandgrowing your Business Besties at OKGN Co. are ready to help you navigate your social media and marketing!

Social media, marketing, and other business support designed for your Okanagan small business.

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