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Craft your digital cornerstone with elegance and efficiency, blending artful web design, robust building, and seamless CMS to eCommerce magic, topped with ongoing updates, audits, and SEO strategies that put you on the map.

Shiny New Website

This is a completely custom experience for each business. Just like every Okanagan businesses is unique, so is their website needs. Because of this, the pricing on these websites varies a lot, but here are the highlights of this package.

This Package Includes:

  • Business Analysis Report including competitor breakdown, target audience analysis, 
  • Custom Design on WordPress, SquareSpace, or Shopify
  • Coming Soon Page During Build
  • Complete Mobile Optimization
  • Walk-through Zoom meeting of your new website and key features.
Update An Existing Website or Online Store​

This is a completely custom experience for each business and greatly depends on their current website but it can look like adding a new page, updating your office address, adding social media links, adding a blog and updating your teams page.

Don't worry about what CMS or system your website is built on - we havn't met a website we couldn't update yet.

This Package Includes:

  • Whatever you need, we got you 😉
Search Engine Optimization

Boost your website's hide-and-seek game with our SEO services, where we turn the invisible into the unmissable. It's like giving your site a megaphone on the internet's crowded street corner, making sure Google not only finds you first but invites you to the cool table.

With a cocktail of keywords, link love, and content that clicks, we make your website pop up like the answer to all life's questions, driving traffic that’s not just big in numbers but big on engagement. Let’s make your site the main event on the search engine stage, because being found should never be just a game of chance.

Complete Website Audit

Dive deep into the digital diagnosis with our website audit service, where we play detective with your online presence. It's like giving your website a health check-up, but instead of a stethoscope, we use cutting-edge analytics and a keen eye for detail.

We'll sniff out the sneaky issues that keep you from the spotlight, from hidden SEO snags to user experience puzzles, giving you the lowdown with actionable insights. Think of it as a makeover for your site, ensuring it's not just fit for today but fabulous for the future. Let's turn those digital don'ts into do's and make your website the star of the show!

Just be warned, you might not like the answers we find. But don't worry, we can help out no matter the prognosis.

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