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Social Media Management


  • Date 2022-2023
  • Lead Beth, Renèa

When Traqspera joined forces with OKGN Co., it wasn't just about managing social media; it was about constructing a digital presence as robust and dynamic as their construction tech. We delved deep, transforming their social media into a vivid portrayal of the construction tech world, where every post was a window into Traqspera's innovative spirit.

Engagement was our mortar. We turned Traqspera's social platforms into bustling hubs, nurturing a community where every interaction laid another brick in the foundation of trust and support. We tackled questions and feedback with the same precision Traqspera applies to construction projects, ensuring every follower felt valued and heard.

Our words were chosen carefully, ensuring every caption and update resonated with clarity and relevance. This wasn't just about posting content but crafting a narrative that echoed Traqspera's commitment to innovation and reliability.

Through this approach, Traqspera's social media became more than a channel; it became a digital landmark, a testament to the power of authentic storytelling and engaged community-building. At OKGN Co., we built a social media presence that reflects Traqspera's excellence and invites and fosters meaningful connections, laying the groundwork for a solid digital future.

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