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Tourism Prince Rupert Travel Writing

  • Client Tourism Prince Rupert
  • Date 2023
  • Lead Beth

In the fall of 2022, OKGN Co. set out on a straightforward mission in Prince Rupert. Our goal was simple: to dive into the local food scene, get to know the people behind it, and share their stories with the world through Tourism Prince Rupert's blog. We visited six unique spots – four family-run and one, The Yaga Cafe, proudly managed by a BC Indigenous non-profit.

We did more than eat and scribble notes about our meals at each place. We talked with the owners, learned about their journeys, and understood what made their food special. Our cameras were always ready, capturing the real moments – the laughs, the cooking, the community.

We then took all these experiences and turned them into a down-to-earth, engaging article for the Tourism Prince Rupert blog. It wasn't just about showing off good food. It was about highlighting the people and the stories behind their part in Prince Rupert's community. This was our way of inviting people to come and see what Prince Rupert's food scene is all about – a vibrant, welcoming community ready to share a meal with the world.

For Tourism Prince Rupert, our work was more than an article and photos. It was a bridge connecting their rich, diverse culinary world with travellers seeking an authentic experience. We kept it real, showing the genuine heart of Prince Rupert's food scene, one story at a time.

Read our full article at Exploring Prince Rupert's Diversity Through Local Family-owned Restaurants and try not to get too hangry.

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