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Product Photography

Okazon Market

  • Client Ammi Dirks
  • Date 2022-2023
  • Leads Beth, Jamie & Renèa

In a strategic collaboration, OKGN Co. joined forces with Okazon Market, a vibrant digital platform championing local artisans. Our mission was significant and nuanced – to encapsulate the unique spirit of local craftsmanship in photography that spoke directly to traditional marketplaces' authenticity and community-driven ethos.

With meticulous attention to detail, we created a visual space that was both luminous and welcoming, employing a palette of soft whites and neutrals to ensure each artisanal product was the hero of its own story. Throughout the two-day photoshoot, our approach was guided by respect for the artistry we were capturing, utilizing non-intrusive photography techniques to honour the integrity of each item.

The images we crafted did more than showcase products; they narrated the stories behind them, allowing potential customers to see and feel the connection to the local craftsmanship. Our strategy steered away from overt marketing tactics, focusing instead on building a visual narrative that resonated with Okazon Market's mission to support local makers.

These thoughtfully captured images were showcased not just on Okazon Market's online storefront but also woven through their social media narratives, broadening the reach and inviting a wider audience to celebrate local talent and craftsmanship.

For those at the helm of businesses focusing on local talent, it's essential to remember that your products are not mere items; they are the culmination of stories, craftsmanship, and community. With OKGN Co., we aim to transform these stories into visual experiences that engage, inspire, and foster a deeper connection with your audience, reinforcing the value and impact of supporting local.

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