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Meshed House Creative

  • Client Andrew Snucins
  • Date 2023
  • Lead Beth

When Andrew, the astute owner of Meshed House Creative, approached OKGN Co., he had a distinct vision: to develop a cohesive brand identity that seamlessly 'meshes' the diverse styles of photographers and creatives, aligning them under one sophisticated banner. As a hub for high-end automotive and sports photography serving an international clientele, Meshed House Creative required a branding solution that captures the essence of speed and precision and appeals to an elite market.

In crafting the logo for Meshed House Creative, our approach at OKGN Co. was meticulous and forward-thinking. We aimed to strike a delicate balance, intertwining iconic photography visuals that represent the brand's current prowess in high-end automotive and sports photography while ensuring ample flexibility for future creative explorations. The result is a versatile and timeless logo, a visual emblem that is a testament to Meshed House Creative's commitment to excellence and adaptability. It's a design that anchors the brand in its present specialty and opens doors to a horizon of possibilities, allowing the Meshed team the freedom to expand and evolve in their creative journey.

At OKGN Co., we embraced Meshed House's challenge with a blend of creativity and strategic thinking. Our goal was to craft a branding that speaks the language of luxury and dynamism, resonating with the refined tastes of global brands. The outcome is a brand identity that reflects the fusion of artistry and adrenaline, showcasing a harmonious blend of visual elements that communicate quality, professionalism, and the spirit of innovation.

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