Finding Things To Post To Social Media Sucks.

Coming up with what to post each time SUCKS.

Or it can—if you are approaching posting to your social media as having to get something out to keep your channels active because the gurus tell you to, or just general entrepreneur guilt. (Don’t worry, we’ve been there ✊)

A simple way to make the whole process easier is to shift your mindset from I HAVE to post something to: 

  • I Get to talk to my audience about this thing I am excited about in my business.
  • I GET to educate my customers on this nifty feature/result/value of my product or service.
  • I GET to celebrate my customers, employees, or fellow business owner’s win.
  • Etc. You get the idea. 😏


Essentially, anytime you shift your mindset around your social media to be value and results-driven instead of nonstop glorified show-and-tell posting becomes easier, engagement goes up, and ultimately business revenue should follow.

If you’re rolling your eyes thinking that will ever work, my business is too __________. We promise you; it’s not. Whatever you put in that blank, we got you #businessbestie!

Take a look at these posts where we give 20 post theme ideas for some of the classic least glamorous or boring industries on social media.

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