25+ Things For Construction Professionals To Post On Social Media

Social media has become a foundation in how construction businesses connect and communicate with existing and future customers. Generating social media ideas for businesses in the construction industry can be a challenge. Let’s face it… your work isn’t always the most glamorous. 

Take a moment to scroll through our list below, where we give you 20+ post theme ideas for the construction and contracting industry to help you find what to post next on your social media profiles.

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  1. A day in the field, what’s going on at a current project. These posts can be a simple status update, or you can talk about how the project you’re currently working on will benefit the community.
  2. Photo of your team with their families. These posts tend to be highly engaging and humanize your team, making them feel valued and taking the edge off the communities’ perception of inconvenience caused by projects.
  3. Showcasing the pets of your team is also a great way to humanize your team.
  4. Shout out subcontractors and further your working bonds. These posts are a great way to build out your business connections and curate a quality pool of subcontractors.
  5. Industry insights or community impact of your projects or planned projects let people feel involved with the progress.
  6. Construction memes, they are out there, I promise, and they’re hilarious. We’ve added our fav to the bottom of this post!
  7. Links to other media about your project. News articles and BIA websites are excellent sources for content to reshare.
  8. Talk about the amenities, businesses, and parks around your projects. Not only do you promote the great area your project is in, which is favorable for you, but you also help build up the community around you. Who doesn’t want to move into your new apartment building that has a fantastic coffeehouse next, right!?
  9. Celebrate your employees’ wins and promotions. This humanizes your team and is a great way to strengthen your relationship and retention with employees, which is essential during this worker shortage.
  10. Testimonials, especially video testimonials, are KEY to providing social proof to potential customers and a great way to celebrate your existing customers.
  11. “Leak” top-secret features or future plans for the projects you’re working on. This is a great way to talk about your project’s features and get people excited.
  12. Share industry stats, findings, and trends. Keep them local when possible, and always cite your sources in the caption!
  13. Customer shoutout. Revisit projects at intervals and give updates on the project, the people, and the community.
  14. Share pictures from industry events (when we’re allowed to have them again.), but a screenshot of a zoom conference is also good!
  15. Promote awards your construction company has received—even the super-niche ones. Everyone loves a winner!
  16. Talk about safety. Safety is king in the construction and contracting world, and knowing your construction crew prioritizes safety is key to all customers.
  17. Celebrate ALL holidays. Celebrate with the community by honoring the holidays and events important to them. It’s also a great way to show the work/life balance of your employees.
  18. Partner with a local company to host an event for a good cause. Not only is this good PR, but it strengthens your community.
  19. Share company news. This may be a no-brainer, but don’t forget to celebrate your wins as well!
  20. Educate your potential customers! Have questions you repeatedly get from customers? Answer them in a post publicly. For every one person asking, there are sometimes eight too shy to ask.
  21. Show a side of construction the average person wouldn’t usually see. Everyone loves the gross and weird; even if we don’t admit it—just try not to make it too gross. 🤢
  22. Everyone loves to a before and after photo. If your project potentially has a controversial placement, show from early progress to completion instead.
  23. Create a service or product diagram explaining a tool or process you use or have created.
  24. Talk about the programs and services you use as a business. Use timesheet software? Project management apps? Sharing what programs you use and how they help your business stand out and perform better for your clients is a great way to show your value to customers.
  25. Be authentically you. A large part of any small business is the uniqueness of the people behind the brand, don’t be afraid to be yourself or feel like you need to keep everything a certain way because your competitor does.

Ps. If you love these social media post ideas and use them, tag us! And if you’re super impressed, shoot us an email at hello@okgnco.com and hire us to help you put them in action!