About OKGN Co.

Hey. Hi. How are you doing? We are OKGN (Okanagan) Marketing Company, and we have a huge heart-on for the small businesses and people who call the interior and rest of BC home. We believe that when you #supportlocal, you not only support a #localbusiness, you support a person, a family, and the community you live in.⁠⁠
* We can do pretty much anything you throw at us because we’re pretty awesome and have a collective 25 years of experience in digital marketing and communication. Sharing your small business story is our passion, and we will work with you to find the solution that fits you best.⁠⁠
Your Business Bestie For Your Okanagan Small Business. Marketing, Social Media & Whatever Your Business Needs.⁠⁠

Get to know Beth.

Owner + CEO. Addicted to Social Media. Knows a lot of stuff.

As a seasoned project manager and creative with a background in marketing, web development, digital and print communication with over 19 years of experience working with clients from all industries to achieve their goals and grow their brands through customized marketing strategies, product development, and business analysis.

With a degree in Digital Media communication and years of leading brands, small, big, and corporate, through thick and thin with their social media and marketing, Beth looks at every challenge as a chance to level up her skills.

As a passionate patron and ardent supporter of the live local movement, she spends every waking moment focused on sharing the beauty and charm only British Columbia can offer through her account @heybethtaylor where she shares her passion for exploring everything BC has to offer with thousands of followers every day.


While they’re not part of every project because they both have their own empires they’re building, Jamie and Jenn work with us on special projects that would benefit from their skillsets! Forever a part of the OKGN Co. family, these girls bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in photography, influencer management, and lifestyle marketing.

Meet Jamie.

Creative Manager + Content Creator

What is your favorite part of living in the Okanagan?
The true 4 season weather (especially summers spent by the lake!) keeps me loving life in the Okanagan.

What are your favorite Okanagan store and favorite restaurant to eat at?
My perfect day is a sunny morning at the beach with my fam, afternoon pizza at Pane Vino, and stopping by my fave decor shop, Home Again Consignment, on the way home.

What is one thing you think people overlook about the Okanagan?
I think one of the most underrated parts of Okanagan living is the buzzing community of local makers and businesses right here in the interior. It keeps me constantly inspired!

Where can people find you?
You can find me at @jamie.krause!

Meet Jenn.

Creative Manager + Content Creator

Who are you? What are your passions in life, people you hang out with, things you do
My name is Jenn Renéa. A new face to social media, but an old face to the Okanagan. As someone who once felt jaded about their hometown, my appreciation for the life I lead has aged like a fine wine – Residual jamminess, with peppery notes of gratitude.  If/When I leave my apartment, you may find me on the prowl in local thrift stores or record shops. Otherwise, I may be on a backcountry hiking trail or at the bar sipping a martini. I’m a versatile woman.

What is your style or vibe? Specially when it comes to creating content.
Dark, moody, edgy, with occasional outburst of vibrant colours and underground cultural references.

Your top 5 Okanagan businesses. Website and social links.

Favorite type of content or marketing to work on.
Anything that tickles my creative bone. That sounded wrong.  Imagery; creating moods and brand strategies. Splicing and mixing mediums. I also love working with people; building relationships and community.

More stuff to come, when you know, there is time 😉 Want to work with us? Email hello@okgnco.com.

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