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Social media has become the foundation for how modern landscaping businesses connect with existing and future customers. Generating social media ideas for landscaping and lawn maintenance businesses can be a challenge – but with the gorgeous landscapes, florals, and blue sky photos at your fingertips, you have a wealth of social media posts to dazzle with your followers with.

Give a scroll through our list below to find your next social media post’s inspiration!

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A Day Out In The Field

Showcase a day out in the field and a current project you are working on. These posts can be a simple snap of your work in progress or a whole storytime of multiple posts where you bring them through a bigger project.

Share Photos Of Your Team

Sharing photos of your team with their families and fur babies. These posts are generally more engaging, and by humanizing your team, you are increasing the chances of creating repeat customers.

Pets Are Always The Way To Go

Showcasing the pets of your team is another great way to humanize your team! As a bonus, you will up the engagement on your page with all the comments about how cute they are!

Work with subcontractors? Shout them out!

Share the love and shout out to subcontractors and further your working bonds. These posts are a great way to build out your business connections and curate a quality pool of subcontractors.

Share your green thumb.

You are an expert! Share growing and care tips on your area’s most common plants and landscaping trends. People love their yards and would love to learn how the experts do it!

Memes, always and forever.

Landscaping memes, they are out there, I promise, and they’re hilarious. We all have things about our jobs that we find funny, and your followers will also enjoy the chuckle.

Share other articles!

Don’t worry about creating all the content yourself. Share articles and other informational posts about your area of expertise, favorite plants, or cool new techniques with your followers without having to create it yourself. Put your own spin on it, introduce why you like the article, and make sure you tag the original author.

Community loving.

If you’re working in a community known for a specific landmark, park, plant, etc., snap a quick pic and share it on your feed. This is great for building up the community and increasing your potential client base in the area!


Celebrate your employees’ wins and promotions. This humanizes your team and is a great way to strengthen your relationship and retention with employees, which is essential during this worker shortage.

Testimonials are king.

Testimonials, especially video testimonials, are KEY to providing social proof to potential customers and a great way to celebrate your existing customers.

Technical How-Tos.

Have a special technique or process you swear by? Know the perfect way to trim a hedge or edge a patio? Channel your inner teacher and give your followers a lesson.

Stats, findings, and trends.

Share industry stats, findings, and trends. Keep them local when possible, and always cite your sources in the caption!

Everyone loves a shoutout!

Customer shoutout. Revisit projects at intervals and give updates on the project, the people, and the community.

Winner, winner.

Promote awards your landscaping and lawn maintenance company has received—even the super-niche ones. Everyone loves a winner!

Safety first.

Talk about safety. Safety is important in any industry, especially the landscaping and lawn maintenance world. Knowing your crew prioritizes safety around all those sharp blades and trimmers is important to all your customers.

Help a client out!

Highlight common issues and problem areas (brown spots on the lawn, anyone!?!) and how to fix them. This is great sharable content that you can repurpose on your website in a more permanent feature.

More celebrations.

Celebrate ALL holidays. Celebrate with the community by honoring the holidays and events important to them. It’s also a great way to show the work/life balance of your employees.

Do good.

Partner with a local company to host an event for a good cause. Not only is this good PR, but it strengthens your community.

Share company highlights.

Share company news. This may be a no-brainer, but don’t forget to celebrate your wins as well! Have you made a new hire? Land a big contract? Create a gorgeous hedge sculpture? Share it!

Create a FAQ.

Educate your potential customers! Have questions you repeatedly get from customers? Answer them in a post publicly. For every one person asking, there are sometimes eight too shy to ask.


Show a side of landscaping the average person wouldn’t usually see. Everyone loves the gross and weird, and you are around lots of creepy crawlies—just try not to make it too gross.

Before and after.

Everyone loves to a before and after photo. If your project potentially has a controversial placement, show from early progress to completion instead.

Explain a process.

Create a diagram explaining a tool or process you use, such as creating the perfect edging to a crush driveway or how to lay landscaping fabric like a pro.

Give a look at the inside of your business.

Talk about the programs and services you use as a business. Use timesheet software? Project management apps? Sharing what programs you use and how they help your business stand out and perform better for your clients is a great way to show your value to customers.

Product recommendations.

You use a lot of tools and products in your day-to-day tasks. Share which ones you love and why you love them, as well as which ones you suggest people avoid.

Be you.

Be authentically you. A large part of any small business is the uniqueness of the people behind the brand, don’t be afraid to be yourself or feel like you need to keep everything a certain way because your competitor does.

And there you go! Let us know what you think.

Ps. If you love these social media post ideas and use them, tag us! And if you’re super impressed, shoot us an email at and hire us to help you put them in action!